Missouri Flying WILD Facilitator of the Year

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We are proud to announce that Dana Ripper was awarded the Missouri Flying WILD Facilitator of the Year Award for 2016.  Dana is the Director of the Missouri River Bird Observatory (http://mrbo.org/ ).  MRBO’s mission is “to contribute to the conservation of Missouri’s migratory and resident birds through scientific research, community outreach, and education. To gather information about avian communities and habitat use that will assist state, federal, and private natural resource managers in their efforts to implement conservation programs. To provide opportunities for Missouri students to learn about species and habitat conservation.”  Dana is very active in educational outreach.  They do bird banding demonstrations across the state, work with K-12 students at their location or at schools, work with college classes and much more.  Dana has consistently trained her seasonal staff in Flying WILD.  Thanks to Dana for all her education and research efforts in support of our birds!  Check out all their activities.



Flying WILD changes

Flying WILD (and Project WILD) is now nationally sponsored by the Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies in Washington, D.C. We are excited to begin working with the AFWA. A new Director of Project WILD has also recently hired Elena Takaki-Moschell as the national Project WILD Director. WILD began in 1983 and was originally sponsored by the Western Regional Environmental Education Council then the Council for Environmental Education. The website for WILD is http://projectwild.org and the website for AFWA is http://www.fishwildlife.org/index.php